How to Properly Clean a Deck

Cleaning is one form of maintenance that your deck needs so that it looks good and functions well for a long time. But what is the best way to clean your deck? What methods are available to you? Should you always call a professional to provide you with deck cleaning services? These may be the questions that are lingering in your mind right now.

The best way to clean your deck is the use of a pressure washer. You may buy a pressure washer or you may rent it from the store. But then, you have to understand how this equipment works or you may end up damaging your deck instead of cleaning it.

How to Use a Pressure Washer

The use of a pressure washer to clean your deck starts with the setup. If this is the first time that you’ll use a pressure washer, it is highly advised that you read the manual that comes with it first. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the machine properly.

The first step is usually hooking up the line to the water supply. See if the hose is included, but oftentimes it is not. You’ll need a hose that’s compatible with the washer. Attach the hose and gun and turn on the water. You should be ready to fire up the pressure washer.

You simply have to squeeze the trigger and the high-pressure water will flow out of the machine. Now don’t be too eager to spray water onto your deck. You may notice that all the dirt are coming off, but are you sure that you’re not damaging the wood in the process? That’s actually the next thing that you have to know.

The Proper Way of Cleaning Decks

So as not to damage your deck, you have to know the right pressure setting for the washer. Usually, a 1,500 psi pressure is recommended for decks but that’s just your basis. Every deck is different. Yours may need a higher pressure if it’s new and lower pressure the wood has aged.

Periodic cleaning is necessary because you want to remove dirt and debris away from your deck. These things will damage the stain and would expose your deck to the elements, more particularly water and moisture. Once water and moisture seep in, the deck becomes susceptible to more damage.

Other Things Needed

Aside from using a pressure washer, you may also use special cleaners for your deck. Some of these cleaners may also come in different colors, shapes, and types. You actually have a lot of choices, from detergent to bleach. There may even be special compounds that are designed to trigger some sort of reaction for certain types of woods.

You are free to choose which from these cleaners to use on your deck. The only requirement is that you read what’s in the label so you get to use these cleaning compounds properly. You may or may not use a pressure washer with these cleaners so you have to know for sure.

A brush with stiff bristles can also be used instead of a pressure washer although going this route would take up a lot of your time and would require more effort. Synthetic bristles are recommended as natural bristles are easily deteriorated by the cleaning compounds used on decks.

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